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Whether you’ve got a small team, a growing one or a full complement of staff, payroll can be a real stumbling block. It has to be run every month and can’t be deprioritised, whatever projects might be reaching crunch point, because it represents people’s livelihoods.

Administering PAYE is complicated work, too. You have to know your way around HMRC tax codes and principles such as ‘benefit in kind’. You’ll also need to calculate and manage things like workplace pension deductions, child support and student loan repayments. No two team members are the same – they’re all living their own lives.

Get it wrong and not only could your colleagues end up in a precarious position, but you might also end up facing fines from HMRC for non-compliance. For example, since 2013, employers have been obliged to provide real-time information (RTI) to HMRC on or before the day they pay employees.

All of that is why most businesses either hire their own payroll clerk or, even better, outsource the job. All we need is up-to-date information on each member of your team, including updates on new starters or leavers, and we can handle the rest, from P60s to delivery of payslips.

Our payroll service includes…

  • RTI-compliant PAYE processing
  • Auto-enrolment pensions administration
  • Processing of salary payments
  • Transfer of tax payments to HMRC
  • Management of deductions from pay

See how we can help you and your business

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